Frequently asked questions


Should I carry printed tickets during check in?

No, not always. You have to carry printed ticket only if you cannot produce mobile message or email during check-in.

Can I carry digital ticket(mobile sms/email in mobile) during check in?

Yes, digital ticket with booking Id would be enough.


Can I book rooms for more than 6 days?

You can extend your travel period once you reach hotel by confirming the availability of room with hotel personnel. RushGuest brings you deals with duration only till next six days.

Can I book for more than one night?

Yes, you can book more than one night based on the availability of rooms in selected hotel.

How many can stay in a room?

It is specific to hotel and usually this information will be provided with hotel info during booking.

Can I cancel the booked room?

No you cannot cancel the rooms that are booked. We are sorry about this. This is the only way for us to get you the best deals from hotels.

About RushGuest

How is RushGuest different?

We work round the clock to get you the best hotel deals and help our guest in their rush hours. We are different from other hotel booking sites, we get you just last minute deals which are high on quality.

Why there are only few hotels?

We just do not display all deals. Rooms those are not up to standards(concluded by our personal visit or guest feedback) make a cut.

Ratings and Reviews

What do you mean by your rating?

When we add any hotel the initial rating is based on RushGuest experience with the hotel, then ratings are justified by our customers.

How accurate are your ratings/reviews?

Unless a user stays in hotel, he will not be able to rate that hotel. So we can say our rating is 100% accurate.

How can I rate a hotel?

If you are logged in you will find a "RATE THIS HOTEL" link on hotel info page. When you click on the link if you have previously booked the property you can rate the selected hotel. Also Rushguest e-mail subscribers get "RATE THIS HOTEL" link as soon as they complete their stay in selected property.

Can I rate a hotel multiple times?

If you rate a hotel multiple times, your previous ratings get overwritten.


How safe is it to save my card details with Rushguest?

We do not save card details in any manner.

How secure is RushGuest payment options?

RushGuest is using one of the most advanced and secure payment gateways for payment options. We do not save/share confidential information with any one in any form.

Promo codes

Where do I find RushGuest promo codes?

RushGuest promo codes can be found on website. For dedicated promo code pages and to enjoy great promo offers use Rushguest mobile apps for free.

Why is RushGuest not accepting my promo code?

This might happen in following circumstances:

  • Many people have already claimed the code.
  • Expired code.
  • Mistyped code.
  • Using code multiple times for same booking.

If you are absolutely sure that your code is valid get in touch with us.


Will you add more cities?

We are working hard to expand, we love to serve rush guests everywhere.

Have any feedback?

We love feedback! Please write to us at feedback[@]